About Us


The story of a forth generation Jewelers, whom dared to dream to touch and impact the lives of more and more jewelry lovers around the globe.

With over four decades of experience in the Jewelry field, and because of all the trust you have put in us for all these years, we feel that there are no limits for our dreams and willingness to serve you better.

Our deepest passion now is to deliver all over the globe, the most unique, upbeat designs with magnificent finesse and exceptional finishing, offering you, not only distinctive products but most importantly a smooth, professional and personal day-to-day service, aiming to develop an enduring, trustworthy, and long-term relationship with you.

At the core of our values, our main goal is to help you and your loved ones celebrate your special moments in the most luxurious and elegant way possible. We make it our mission to make your occasions exceptional unique and memorable.

Fast & Fair

While most e-commerce businesses outsource to produce their jewelry items, we own our own workshop and row materials (Gold & diamond), producing and delivering right into your doorstep without the need of a middle-man. Fast Production at Fair prices

Obsession over details

We give huge importance to details, every element is handpicked carefully based on your interest and needs. We work hard to ensure that your Jewelry item is as bright and unique as your occasion.


Becoming a member of the DI LUSSO community is a peace of mind. Every item is delivered with its own certificate and official documents. If item does not match the specifications mentioned, you own the right to cancel your order and return your money under our 110% cash-back guarantee close.

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